Saturday, October 11, 2008

Your Kidding Right?

I'm sure anyone who has kids has deal with the "Is IT a boy or girl?". First, you gotta love how baby is now an IT. Like he/she is no longer human when someone doesn't know their gender. Course, I shouldn't be too judgemental. I've probably done the same thing with our realizing it.

Here is the thing though....there are certain people like me who will dress their children so that it is apparent what gender they are. If I see a baby dressed in pink and purple them I'm pretty much going to assume that they are a girl. If the baby is in blue then most likely they are a boy. Course, there are some exceptions to the rule. I'm sure their are some parents who don't care what color their child is wearing. yes, I've seen boys in pink and purple. Not my boy of course...LOL

Today one of our neighbors had a party for her son's birthday so we went down for awhile. They had one of those big blow up bounce house things which Monkey loved and I'm hoping will now result in her sleeping very well tonight. Anyways, I dressed Toots in a blue onsie, blue jeans, and blue/white socks, and had a blue blanket with little puppies on it. And still every single person that came up to us asked "Is it a boy or girl". Grrr.....seriously people! Do I need to table a post it to his forhead??


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hated that. It happened mostly with Akemi. She used Evan's old infant car seat/carrier, but she had pink clothes, blanket, toys, so that it was apparent that she was a girl. But no, I still got "Is it a boy or girl?" or even "How old is he?" & He is so adorable." LOL! Dumb people!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, this is SO frustrating. I personally think a lot of babies look like their gender anyway. I don't think Emery looks even slightly girly, he is the most boy looking baby boy I've ever seen (yours too, btw). I've taken him out with a "Momma's Boy" onsie, blue shorts, and a blue blankie with a blue binkie, and people STILL ask. It's like wtf, people?!?!?!

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