Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So I've been thinking that instead of using initials to reference everyone I'd come up with nicknames. Make it a little more personal than just using a letter of the alphabet.

We already have one for J which is Monkey. Something we've called her since she was able to walk and climb on EVERYTHING. Don't believe me?? We went to a playdate this past weekend and the one thing she wanted to know was if there was a good tree to climb. She's my tomboy in a dress and becomes more and more like me every day.

As for E I'm thinking of using Toots. Odd name I'm sure your thinking but my reasoning is pretty sound. This kid is gassier than a grown man. And I'm not talking about short little cute ones. I'm talking, loud and long drawn out ones, back to back, and even a little liquid sounding at times. Ewww gross I know. Add the belching to it and I've already gotten an idea of what his teenage years will be like. Don't believe me?? I'll get it on video one day and after you pick yourself up from laughing you'll have to post how right I am!

As for X and idea. We don't even have nicknames for each other so I'm not even sure what would be fitting. So I'm putting this out to you guys....any ideas???

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Anonymous said...

Toots is a cute name. I know what you're sayin' about the gas. Em farts like an old man, lol. If we're ever in public or around family; when Emery farts, I get blamed for it because it sounds "too adult" to have come from an infant, lol.


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