Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Great Invention

I think this had to be a mom invention. Someone who knew and understood the problems/concerns with getting nursing babies to take a bottle when needed but also not refuse to nurse. The most common issue is nipple confusion and lazy babies. Bottom line, regular bottles make it too easy and it's a different type of sucking. And since it's human nature...who wouldn't take the easy way out.

Toots was having bottle issues. He had taken some bottles ok and then wouldn't have anything to do with them. I can't leave him to starve all day and on occasion need more than 2 hours away. No a friend of ours suggested these bottles.

1st Years Breast Flow Bottles

You'll notice that the bottle itself looks like any other bottle. The actual genius in this set up is the nipple itself. It's kind of a double nipple of sorts. The inside one is fairly like a regular nipple although made out of a harder plastic. The outside one is the soft silicone but has a shorter tip and more "natural" shaped area behind it. The way it works from what I can tell is when you tip the bottle up the milk fills into the area between the inner and outter nipple. Baby has to both suck on the nipple and compress the larger area making it just like nursing. It has the exact same latch in that they use their tongue/lower lip as well.
Yesterday was our first trial run with these bottles and my sitter was bending over backwards thanking me when I picked him up. I imagine after listening to his scream for the 20 minutes it took me to get there anything would be amazing. But she contributes it to the bottle. She said that the first time it went in his mouth he kinda turned away but then got a taste of what was inside and went to town. He sucked down a 4oz bottle in 10 minutes and then was the happiest most content baby. He even gave her a few smiles and lots of big burps.
The one down side to all this is that when I have him home he wants nothing but me. Last night X tried to give him a bottle b/c I was taking care of Monkey and trying to get some things done too. It was the late night one right before bed but Toots wanted nothing to do with him. As soon as I picked him up he stopped crying. So we have to adjust to that aspect. I've heard that nursed babies will be more attached, especially int he beginning, after being away from mom for a bit. Hopefully though he'll start to realize that I always come back. Although for a 7 weeker I imagine we have awhile before thats the case!

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