Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

Did you know that Tator Tots can catch on fire?? I don't mean, yes they will blacken in the bottom of the oven. I mean they burst into flame, catch in fire, could burn down the house. Seriously. How do I know this?

Sunday night Mr. X made us dinner. His version of tator tot casserole which was good. I'll probably always make mine with green beans but I may add cheese in the future. Anyways, back to the story. Apparently while putting the dish in the oven he knocked one of the tator tots off and it fell into the bottom of the oven. Being the typical male, I'm sure there is a female or two as well, he didn't REMOVE it from where it fell. Yes, it got LEFT there.

Fast forward to the next night. I decided to make a chicken enchilada of sorts using some left over chicken, tortillas, and then enchilada sauce. I started the oven to get it preheated and started the enchilada sauce on the stove. It was one of those that you just add water and tomato sauce and heat it up.

So I get to cutting up the chicken and I start smelling like something is burning. Totally not even thinking about the oven I kept checking the sauce. Even wondering in the world I could be burning water and seasonings. Stranger things have happened I guess. Then it dawned on the oven. So I did.

Out rolled black smoke. When it finally cleared enough to see there layed the offensive tator tot in the middle of the bottom. You know how coals have those glowing red embers when they get hot enough?? This looked like one of those. So I'm thinking there is no way I can just leave it there, it will only get worse. I so grabbed the metal tong things, slipped on the oven mitt and went oven diving.

I managed to snag the tator tot and started to pull it out. To my horror I bumped the rack and it fell back in. And rolled right UNDER the hot coil. With in less than second it burst into flames. It was burning like a marshmallow over a camp fire!! Now there really was no option to just leave it be as I had no idea what kind of damage an actual flame in an electric oven would do. So I went after it again.

Got it out this time and went to the sink....which had tupperware and bottles in it from earlier in the day. So with my flaming tator tot in one hand I'm frantically trying to move dishes to one side so I won't ruin any of them. I finally get it cleared and throw it in the sink. It's still flaming!! So hosed that sucker down as it hissed until it died out. So thats the story.....tator tots really do catch on fire. In the mean time I'm left with this...

Can you see the resemblence??? Brings a whole new meaning to burning dinner huh?? Now here is a real funny for you. You know your a true blogger when you see stuff like this and think "I need a picture so I can blog about it!". And your an Ebayer when you think "I wonder if I could sell that on ebay?" Hey, why not.....stranger things have been sold!

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Dravor said...

When you have a baby, and blog about babies, you may want to name posts like this something from aside Burn Baby Burn. My first thought was Oh Christ, how did she burn the little one? :)

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