Friday, October 24, 2008

Keeping Score?

Here is a touchy subject for you. For those of you who have kiddo's, do you and your significant other keep track of who goes out more with out the kids? This has become an issue for us, well maybe just me. X gets to go out quite a bit. The last few weekends he's been gone Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then this week he was gone Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night as well doing his gaming thing I guess. It doesn't really bother me that he goes out, we all need to still have our own thing that we do. What did bother me is that it was so much and I was left stuck at home with the kids, one of which wouldn't stop screaming. On top of that Tuesday I heard the comment "You get to stay home and lay around all day". That alone was enough to irritate me cause it's so not true. Granted, I'm not working 8 hours a day anymore, I only go into the office for about 3 hours each day. Even at home though I'm still working answering emails and phone calls that get forwarded to me. Things I have to continue doing to keep up the arrangement I have with my boss now. On top of that I have to take care of Toots and then Monkey when she gets out of school. Keep the house cleaned up, make dinner, clean up from that, etc. Anyone who stays home knows it's not just sitting around watching tv all day. At the end of the day I'm wiped out so it's no wonder that most nights I pass out shortly after Toots finally goes down for the night. Needless to say it's just frustrating because in all that I have not been able to get a break at all. I've got bookclub this Sunday night, which I can take Toots with me but not Monkey. I got resistance to that idea and really it's not even difficult keeping Monkey. When I leave she's only got an hour before bed and she can pretty much put herself to bed. At least I haven't left him with both kids to handle...Even I get overwhelmed with that at times.

So how do you guys do it? Or does it really just not matter? Don't get me wrong, X is awesome with Toots. When he's here he holds him, burps him, rocks him, etc. I've never once had him refuse to take Toots even when I interrupt one of his computer games so I can get 5 minutes to go to the bathroom. I just wish I didn't feel like I was still on my own so much and had a chance to get out a bit more.

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