Monday, October 6, 2008

It's a Conspiracy

Babies must be born with the ability to just sense when you want to get something done. It never fails. On days when I'm feeling pretty lazy, just not wanting to do anything Toots is more than willing to sleep all day long. So much so that I find myself making sure he's still breathing because he's so quiet. Then on days where I have a lot to do he won't sleep and pretty much cries non stop. Of course these also are the days it's just him and I so I have nobody to take over to give me a bit of a break too.

Take today for instance. It started off well enough. He was actually agreeable with letting me get monkey ready for school even though she was determined to be really slow. Got her off on the bus and came home. Took some time to check my email and a few message boards. Changed and fed Toots thinking that surely this would put him to sleep so i can tackle monkey's room and getting rid of toys she doesn't play with. He drifted off to sleep and then 20 mins later was screaming. Just as I had gotten everything dragged out to the living room to sort through. Tried everything and the only thing he wanted was to eat so did that again. He dropped off to sleep, layed him down with some lullabye music, 20 minutes later he was screaming agian. The was teh case all morning. I did manage to get a little bit done but it was like a race of how much I could get to before he woke up again.

So this afternoon got lunch and then ran up to Walmart to pick up some photo's I had printed. Toots fussed as I put him in the carseat, picked it up and he was passed out before i got the front door locked behind me. Slept the whole 20 minutes it took to get back home and then was screaming as we walked into the house.

So what gives?? How the heck do you get a baby to sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time??? I think part of his problem is just that he isn't sleeping right. So it's making him crankier than normal and in turn keeping him up more. I seriously can't sit on the couch all day with him attached to me. And I can't listen to him scream so much. For my own sanity if nothing more!


Anonymous said...

Heh. I thought taking Em to work part-time was going to work out. Today was my first day back. I'm gonna need to call the babysitter, lol.

Heidi said...

Someone once told me to put them down 1 1/2 hours after they wake up when they are around this age. So it's basically a 3 hour cycle. Eat - 30-45 minutes, Activity - 30-45 minutes, Sleep. It worked for both my kids!

Jennifer said...

lol, Justin was the same way!! 20 mins was all I could out of him during the day and that was in his vibrating chair. Once it went off, he was awake again. I could always shower, but that was about I could ever do when I was home with him!

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