Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's cold out there!!! Last week we were in the 70's and 80's. This week...the 50's and 60's. Taking Monkey to the bus stop this morning it was 41 outside. We had to bust out the winter jacket to stay warm. To backtrack a bit on Monday night I needed to run and do laundry since I didn't get it done on Sunday. I couldn't put it off another day either cause we seriously needed some clean clothes. One day soon hopefully we'll have one in the house but until then, it's off to the laundrymat. Course the night I go it's like 30 out and raining. Cold, wet rain. Yuck!! I always take Toots with me, especially that late so X can get to bed and I can feed Toots if need be. Since it was really nasty out I got out the Bundle Me that our friends got us as a baby present. I LOVE it!! Anyone who has dealt with infant seats know it is a pain in the hiney to get them strapped in with coats and such. Blankets will blow off with the slightest wind and no matter what their face/hands always feel cold. Not with this!

it's a super soft fleece bunting style that goes into the seat first. then baby goes in and gets strapped in. then zips up around them. No jacket required. He was so warm and cozy in there he passed out with in minutes. Definitely a great investment in colder climates!

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