Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Final Night

Well, the moment is finally upon us. Well me anyways. Tonight is my last night before returning to work. Can I say I'm a bit nervous about getting ready in the morning?? I've done as much as I can tonight. Laying out clothes, packing bags, etc. There is still the issue if juggling getting myself up and ready, dealing with Toots who will wake up screaming to be fed, and getting monkey fed/dressed for school. Oh ya, getting her to the bus on time! Toots is going to work with me. Should be interesting to see how that works out. The plan is to have him with me Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Those days I'll be at the office doing paperwork, system maintenance, mailing letters, the occasional call. On Tuesday/Thursday I'll use as my days to run where needed or do appointments. I've got the moby wrap for carrying him while awake and hte pack n play set up for when he sleeps. Thankfully I have my own office so I'm out of the way of the other agents in that location. I'm really hoping it works and is manageable. At least until Toots is a bit older an dmore mobile. Then we can look at other arrangements if necessary. I just woudl rather have him with me as much as possible while we're nursing to help keep it going well. Granted I've been able to pump pretty well but I still have concerns that it will dwindle due to him being in daycare all day. We'll see though.

Course, I really should get to bed. Here it is 11:30pm and I'm up on the computer. Man, this is going to be an adjustment.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good day today. It's taken me all of the whole 2 weeks I've been back to get even remotely used to being back with a baby. He does make it hard to get anything done, but we're beginning to slip into a routine, and my co-workers just LOVE to help out if my hands get full, so... it seems to be getting easier.

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