Thursday, August 14, 2008

20 Days and Counting

My counter I believe says 24 but since we're looking to induce if he's still not here by the 3rd I'm really at 20 now. And holy batman it seems like forever. I swear I sit at my desk at work, staring at the calander trying to convince myself it's not. My brain is trying really hard but not succeeding very well. Remember in some of the hold cartoons how they would have the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Yup, thats me. I figure as long as I don't start conversing with them in some way then I'm not yet insane. Ok, I know a few of you who just said "Ya Right". :oP Thats ok, I know where you live!! Hehe!

On another note still the same old going on here. Except I do find myself a bit more irritable than before. It's just from being tired, sore, impatient..... you name it thats me right now. I think I need to stop going to one of the birthboards I've been reading for ladies due Sept 2008. I swear if one more woman whose due after me has her baby....... ok, I can't do much but I can sure which I could!!

The boss really isn't helping either. I almost think it's comical b/c he apparently just has no clue how little time there is left. With him giving me the list of things he wants me to complete before I go out on leave. I still laugh at that. And guess what! I replied back to him with everything I had and have been waiting on a response back from him since TUESDAY. The day is basically over and he has yet to get back to me with the final approval I need. At this rate I might get lucky and get it tomorrow or Monday. The biggest project which involves mailing letters to people whose flood zones are changing....ya, even after he gives me teh approval for the final letter I still got to wait on him to do a word/mail merge for all their addresses and such so I'm not having to go an manually type everything in. Then send me that master file so I can start printing/mailing. Then I have to wait at least 3-4 days from that before I start doing follow up calls. So your talking at earliest now, starting to get the letters out by tuesday/thursday. I skipped wednesday b/c I'll be out of the office all day so it doesn't count. That means calls start Friday or Monday of the following week which IS MY LAST WEEK! oh ya, did I mention there were like 500 of them?? And this is all based on me making it through the 29th which would be my last day regardless. Seriously, he has no clue. I thought about sending him an emailing saying "Ummm, in case you didn't notice....we're almost half way through August, you have 11 working days left to get out of me at most before I'm gone for 8 weeks." Honestly though, I doubt that would get through to him. My boss seems to orbit on his own time schedule.

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