Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm currently trying to figure out whats worse. Having your doc tell you nothing has changed from last week even though you have been enduring severe nausea, back pain, cramps, etc. Or knowing that someone truely thinks you would lie to them about a major event in both your lives. Then again, maybe whats worse is having both occur on the same day when your already miserable. Yes, that must be it.

You read it right. The dreaded words every pregnant woman never wants to hear her doctor say. NOTHING has changed. Well, I did lose 3lbs since last Wednesday although it must have come from a toe or something cause I still feel huge. NO CHANGE even though every time my belly tightens I cramp up and get severe pain in my back. Wait, that back pain never ends. It's like a constant pinching now that nothing helps. Hot showers, heating pads, massage, stretching.....it's all a joke at this point. So whats the plan?? this little guy will probably end up having to be evicted. Waiting on some lady to call to schedule it for one day next week. The one thing I didn't want but apparently we can't all have what we want.

As for the other, I can't go into detail at the moment. Lets just say though that it's hurt me beyond belief. I'm not perfect but it's beyond crazy to think I would do what this person thinks I would. Only time will tell if things play out but if the cards fall in the direction I'm told they are heading....well I already know what my response will be. I just hope this person is willing to play an all or nothing game...and prepared to lose everything.


Sweetrld said...

Sounds like a bad day... call me if you need anything! :(

Still here with all my hair.... said...

i am sorry honey. I hope your day got better. you can also call me if ya need anything!

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