Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yes Dear...I'll Get Right on That!

As we get closer and closer to when E arrives I'm bombarded each day with reasons on why he should come today or tomorrow or on this or that day. Anything ranging from thats their birthday to they just want to see him already! Trust me, if anyone wants him here more I think it's me. It's my body after all thats been taken over right?? X this morning finally gave me one that really got a giggle. As he was leaving for work this morning he tells me "You know you could really go ahead and pop anytime now". Umm, ya I know this. Then he goes on to say..."No really. I have a clep I want to take tomorrow that I don't think they will let me out of work for. So you need to have the baby so I can be on leave." Yes, you read that right. I need to have the baby so he can go take a test for school. Granted, it saves money cause he gets class credit with out actually taking the class. Here's what I want to know....if E comes today or tonight, does he really think he'd be ready and in any condition to go take a test tomorrow???

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