Thursday, August 28, 2008

Your going to laugh

I had to post this just for laughs even though it ticks me off. So yesterday I talked to our accounting lady about payroll and my time off. I missed Wednesday and part of last Friday so she needed to know if I wanted it unpaid plus some other things. At that time I told her our scheduled date to be induced and advised that my intention was to definitely work today and tomorrow. If baby didn't come then I'd most likely come in Tuesday to wrap some things up and then Wednesday would start leave. I also figure that since J will be in school all day on Tuesday I don't know that I want to sit at home all by myself all day with NOTHING to do. I'm going to be on edge enough as it is, I'm going to need a distraction. Plus, it's another paid day I can take advantage of since my time off is all unpaid.

So this morning she calls me and tells me that her and my boss discussed my leave and they have decided to "boot me out" after tomorrow and that I'm not to come in at all on Tuesday. The reasoning?? It will make payroll easier. Hmmm....funny she says that!

We get paid twice a month and tomorrow is the last day of this pay period, the one I get paid for tomorrow. Monday starts the new one. Monday is also a paid holiday and our guidelines state that if you work the business day before OR business day after then you will get the paid holiday off. It's either/or, not both. So....I get paid for Monday. I also have a few days of vacation that they will pay me for. So she WILL have payroll to process for me on the 15th which is the next payday. So how is not coming in on Tuesday going to make payroll easier??

In her words it's a clean break. She even made the comment that it's not really getting paid for monday, I just get credit for it. I've got to pay my health insurance still while I'm off so basically even though I will have "pay" due to me on the 15th I won't see any of it cause it will go to those premiums. Having another working day will just pad that more to make sure there is enough to get through my entire leave so I'm not left owing them money.

Sounds to me like they are just looking to save a day of payroll. Can an employer even tell you that you can't work like that?? I didn't think they could...unless they are firing you.

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Sweetrld said...

That doesn't sound right... Did you talk to your boss about it?

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