Thursday, August 28, 2008

Open House

Tonight is open house night for J's school. She's starting kindergarten at a brand new school on tuesday! We've already met her teacher. With me literally due "any time" I didn't want to risk her not seeing/meeting her teacher at all before the 1st day of school. Looks like we'll make it after all! Course, I hope not to see the sympathetic looks of the principle and other teachers tonight like I did on Monday when we stopped by.

I've been thinking though that I just don't feel anywhere near as prepared as I did for when she started pre-k last year. By this time we had already met the teachers, saw the classrooms, had detailed directions on everything from bus schedules to lunches, etc. Right now....I know her bus number and thats it. Oh ya, and her teachers name/room #. I've gotten nothing though as far as details like what happens when she gets to the school and gets off the bus. Does someone pick up the kids and direct them with where to go or is she expected to know? What about lunch we just send it in the back pack and hope it gets to the right place? How much is it? Is there any specifics I should know on dress code like types of shoes, dresses/skirts, etc.

So many things I DON'T know. So maybe this little guy had the right idea by holding out. When I stopped by on Monday getting info was like pulling teeth. I mean, I wasn't there just b/c I'm an over anxious parent. I was there b/c I had a valid reason to be concerned that we wouldn't make it there tonight. And even then....will we get all this info tonight?? I know if it's not given in some form I'm going to be grilling someone. These are thigns we need to KNOW. maybe a parent who has never dealt with a school won't think to ask about those htings and more. But having been through the school envireonment last year it's a lot more involved than just putting your kid on the bus and then being there when it's all done. There is A LOT more to it.

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Sweetrld said...

We recently had our parent orientation and I had to raise my hand to ask questions... It wasn't too bad and I walked away feeling good about things. But I totally understand how you feel! Get those answers!

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