Friday, August 22, 2008

Nothing Yet

Looks like it's very possible we'll be hitting 38 weeks unless little guy decides to come tonight or tomorrow. Blah!!! Still hitting the mall tomorrow to walk walk walk so maybe that will get things going. I got back on the fence again about encouraging him to come b/c of the cold I have now. It's just not going away and I even considered staying home from work today. I'll end up going in though cause we're so close and that would be one less vacation day for use later.

So anyways....just saying....nothing yet!

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Still here with all my hair.... said...

I am so sorry you still feel like crap. I will pray to god that that baby decides to come out SOON!

Do you hear me E, you're about to become evicted...why don't you be a good boy and start this process on your own=)

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