Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh Me Nerves!

Officially today I'm 13 days from being considered full term according to all the doctors and such. Also meaning that if labor were to start they would do nothing to stop it. I wonder sometimes if a woman were 36wks 5 days would they stop that??? Hmmmm.

Along with knowing those time frames my nerves are starting to stress out a bit. last nigh I started working on putting the babies room together. Man it felt good to start and if it hadn't been for X I probably would have just worked on it through the night. Heidi says it's nesting kicking in. Think so??? I think I'm just paranoid that E is going to arrive unexpectedly and I'll still have every piece of baby item still piled in the crib and not a single thing washed ready to go. I can so see me going into labor and X and I running around tryign to find the things we need and hastily throwing it all in the car. Only to have to battle such things like installing the carseat as we're trying to leave. If we even remember it! I have a feeling that barring anything crazy that tonight I'll be hunkered down in that room working away on getting it all organized. Then tomorrow I can post pics of how cute it is!!

The other thing is I'm nervous about how things will go with this ones little one. With J it was a piece of cake. Doc induced me so no rushing to the hospital or wondering if this was it. My blood pressure had gone through the roof back then so I had no choice in when she came. This time things seem to have leveled out a bit so it's possible it will be a non-issue this go around. What that means is every night, when ever I have a single twinge/pain/ache/etc I'll be this it??? And if I think it is do I feel strongly enough about that to make a trip to L&D to find out for sure. Most people would say heck....even if you have gone 20 times just go!! Thats what they are there for right?? Maybe, but considering we'll be taking about 2hrs just to GET to the hospital after dropping off J and such....I don't see us running to the hospital unless we really think this is it. This is the REAL thing.

This also means I'm torn on what to do. A part of me thinks that come 37 weeks which hits August 18th, we are going to do what ever we have to in order to encourage this little guy to make an appearance. Nothing crazy like castor oil but lots of walking among other things. I hear spicy food should help but considering I've eaten large quantities of it from early on I've probably built up a tolerance to it. I think I also heard something about eggplant parmesan but I'm not sure it sounds that appetizing but if your desperate......? I say desperate but mostly b/c I'm TIRED. Like drop down could sleep for a week at a time tired. it's all the tossing/turning at night b/c I can't get comfortable. The constant aching back/feet/knees/ name it then it probably hurts. It's the feeling like balloon about to pop after eating even the smallest meal. Constantly getting kicked in odd places. I didn't think babies could get so far into your side! I swear sometimes he's trying to move around to my back. Now wouldn't that be fun.

I'm at the point where I just one to be able to lay down and get comfortable. To be able to sleep on my tummy again. To not feel like a walking furnace whose thermostat broke and stays at like 100. I feel sorry for X and J....I'm sure they feel like eskimos sometimes with how cold the house is and if they don't know it I really appreciate them tolerating the cold!!

Anyways, back to my original note of being nervous about how this labor will go. With J I had it EASY. And no I'm not joking. I think I tick off other mom's sometimes when they hear how easy it went. I never felt a single contraction besides the braxton hicks ones which those aren't painful. Just annoying really. With J they gave me the Epi really early on and even were nice enough to let me self administer the doses. Course it also meant I could "overdose" meaning I used up an hours allotment in like 15 minutes. The only good thing about that was I apparently was SO relaxed that I went from 6cm to 10cm in that 15 minutes. So much for thinking we still had hours to go!!

After she was born itw as a piece of cake. I had to wait an extra hour for all those meds to wear off but then I was up and about feeling perfectly fine. Just a little stiff but nothing too severe. We checked out of the hospital 24hrs and 1 minute after she was born and were on our way. Even went to walmart where some old lady tried to tell me off for having her out in public so soon. What can i say.....I love Wallyworld!! LOL

This time around I wonder if I won't get whats coming to me for having it so easy before. I mean I have heard and read about some really, in my opinion, horrendous birth stories. Women who have a really fast labor and then aren't allowed to get the pain meds and go natural. While I think it's perfectly acceptable for those who want to do it I seriously do not want to feel EVERYTHING. I think I'd rather pass on that and remember later how nice it all was, even if it is a little hazey from the drugs. Then there are the women how have one complication after another or have such a hard labor/delivery that it takes them days/weeks to recover. Or even the ones who end up in a c-section b/c of problems. I'd like to pass on those to!

too bad there wasn't a way to plan ahead and say....this is what I want to happen...and then that is exactly what happened no matter what. Ya...thats my dillusioned sleep deprived self talking there!


Still here with all my hair.... said...

oh honey. I think all your nervous thoughts are totally justified. One pregnant woman to another. LOL.

I think Ames had the recipe for the eggplant parmesan, and she was also the one jumping on the bed and her water broke...just an idea there...

When we are on IM we'll come up with ways to put ya in labor...there's always sex...but, who wants to do that. hehe.

Anonymous said...

From recent personal experience, I can say that at 35w5d, yes- they'll try and stop it. 36w5d, nope- they'll let you go. I'd say from this point on, you'd best have your bags packed!

I know how you feel though (believe me), just waiting for the unexpected. It's nerve wracking, and when you can't do any nesting, it's even worse.

Just know that you have the power. You're already a mommy and that makes you more powerful than anything. You can do it! I have faith in you :)


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