Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gotta love the dreams

Anyone who has been pregnant before knows about the dreams. Some say they are just downright wierd, some say they are....well perverted.....others, well who knows. Either way they aren't normal and usually are much more clear and lively than when you aren't pregnant. I seem to be no exception and unfortunately X has suffered through them too.

Night before last I apparently woke him up telling him to hold something up or it would fall on us. I could laugh histerically just thinking about it b/c at the time I could have sworn I was just dreaming. Apparently though it was a 1/2 dream 1/2 wake state of mind. Poor X. I know he wants his sleep too!

Last night was even wierder. Is that a word?? I don't remember what prompted it but in my dream I was laying in a semi-dark room and my belly was exposed. And amazingly I could see the baby through my skin! It started off seeing the little hands poking through, then I looked a little closer and could see the butt and legs poking up around my rib cage. This baby was super long! I looked down further and there it was....the face clear as day. Well, in my dream I remember thinking it was clear, I don't actually remember what he looked like. Then for what ever reason I was talking to Heidi who told me "ya, it's the coolest thing. Take a picture!!!" So my camera appears magically in my hand and I start snapping shots. No idea if those pictures turned out b/c I woke up a moment later. Darn bladder! What I find kind of funny was that in my dream, having the ability to see through my skin didn't freak me out at all. Now, a fully awake person, if you had that ability would probably feel necessary to admit themselves to a mental institution.

I gotta say at least this one wasn't a natural disaster dream. Tornados, hurricanes, name it I've dreamed it. Course it usually involved me having some wierd super power with the ability to survive the disaster but I still didnt' like them. I wonder what dreams are still to come!

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