Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Looking Back

Since we're getting close to that time when E should hopefully be joining us, it's made me think about to when J was born. I found a copy of her birth story that I had posted on another board back in Sept 2003. I'm just copying/pasting over.

"I'll try to keep this from being too long but I just have to include the details going along with the hurricane and Eric as well. Lets just say everything together made yesterday morning very interesting. As many of you know my doctors appointment got moved from Thursday to Wednesday due to hurricane Isabel. I wasn't expecting much of anything when I went in. But that wouldn't be normal for me then either. Turns out my blood pressure was extremely high and I had protein in my urine. So the doctor put in orders for me to be admitted to the hospital and induced the following morning. Since I wasn't expecting that I certainly had none of my stuff with me. My cousin and I spent and hour running around trying to get everything together. I'm surpised my blood pressure didn't rise even further. So Wednesday night they just monitored me. I was put on bedrest and limited visitors. After a sleepless night the nurse woke us up at 5:30am and said it was time to get things going. I showered and changed, trying my best to stay calm. My cousin had so much nervous energy as well and I think I spent a little more time calming her than myself. At 6:30am they started pitocin and at 7:10am the doctor broke my water and said I was 3-4cm. I called Eric soon after that and told him we were getting ready to have the baby and he promised to get there as quickly as possible. It was already starting to rain a bit and the winds were picking up even that early. By 8:30am I was begging for the epidural. The contractions were coming every 2 minutes almost on the dot. The only place I felt them was my hips, belly, and pelvic area but that was enough for me. Eric showed up about that time as well, bringing with him his wife, Allison. I was trying not to use the excuse of being in pain to actually say something mean. I think I behaved myself pretty well. After that heavenly man gave me the epidural we were fine and dandy and I was feeling a bit more sociable. I would occasionally feel pressure in my belly but nothing else. Doctor checked me again at 10:30am and said we had made it to 6cm. Soon after Eric left to get some food for the two of them as the hospital was only providing for patients and staff by this point. The lights had flickered several times already. Around 11:45am I started to feel the contractions again. I was having to breath through them but nothing too bad. Mostly a lot of pressure way down low. At 12:15pm doctor checked me again and said that we were completely ready. In my state of shock I actually asked her "ready for what?" LOL.About that time Isabel was really starting to hit and we lost main power and went to generators. Everyone was scrambling around trying to get things working so we could deliver. After a little over 20mins of pushing little Jayden made her appearance at 12:41pm. When they put her on my belly I was in such a state of shock all I could do was cry and hold onto her. The nurse had to ask me 3 times if she could take her to clean her up. I had a very small tear which took a couple of stitches but nothing major.Eric had decided at the last minute to wait in the waiting area so it was just me and my cousin at first with her. I must say, they are moments I will always treasure. I finally gave them permission to let him back and I swear he almost looked afraid to look at her. One look at her though and he knew she was his. He looked at Allison and said that Jayden has his eyes. I should probably also mention that she walked out very shortly after that comment. Eric didn't stay too longer either but I wasn't going to fight that. The storm was getting bad and they weren't letting visitors stay over night. We didnt want him getting stuck there.It didn't seem to take me too long to recover as well. With in a few hours I was up and moving around and took a shower. Since I'm having to bottlefeed I did end up leaving her in the nursery though. I was alone and I despirately needed that sleep. Now the two of us are at home and I must say she is a total angel. She's only been fussy once. Usually she's either asleep or sits in her little chair just kinda looking around. I'm still amazed that I was carrying her around inside for so long but I must say it was all worth it. One look into her eyes and I'd do it all over again. I guess I probably should end this now, I'm starting to tear up just thinking about it. We're safe and sound. Power is back on in my place although there's still plenty doing with out. Thankfully no major casualties and even though there is damage is nothing that can't be fixed over time. I seriously think someones looking out for us. Iknow there's a reason why I've been blessed with my little girl. I may never know why but I certainly will enjoy having her. "

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