Friday, August 15, 2008

Camera Issues

I think I finally got it straight for the camera!! Thank goodness cause it was really getting on my nerves. I have a fairly decent Kodak camera. Nothing fancy like what Robyn uses but it works for what I need. Anyways, when we moved back in April/May I remember specifically makign sure that the charger cable was kept seperate and didn't go into storage. Problem is, I don't remember where I put it to make sure of that. Since we moved I had looked kinda half heartedly knowing I needed to find it but not feeling pressured b/c the camera still worked fine and wasn't showing it was getting low. Then we moved from X's apartment into the house. I thought for sure when unpacking all the stuff we would find it. NOPE! It's nowhere to be found. Well at this time it isn't. I'm sure some time down the road I'm just going to find it laying somewhere. In the mean time I've been hastily trying to find a replacement. Last weekend I took pic's of Brian at his bike race and while there the camera finally died. Yes after almost 4 full months of use. Knowing that it's the ONLY camera we have and baby is due really any time now I've been searing like a crazy woman online and in stores trying to find one. Radioshack....well they were just morons. Didn't even know what I was talking about. Went to Walmart, Target, Circuit City....nothing. Only thing I could find was the thing you can plug your USB into and then plug into the wall. If I HAD the USB cable I wouldn't need a charger cause it could charge from my laptop so thats a no-go. Finally went to best buy this morning thinking surely they would have something. They are like the largest electronics store around these days right?? HA! First I get a rep there that obviously has no idea what she is talking about. Had no idea what i was talking about when I asked about spare/universal 5 volt AC adapters. Her response was check in computers...last I looked computers don't even take 5 volt chargers....??? This really should ahve been my first clue to find someone else. But I explained the situation and she points me in the direction of the replacement charger that Kodak sells. $60 for a battery charger with all these extra international adapters. Since I have no plans to go international any time soon the adapters are pointless and $60?? Seriously, I paid $85 for the camera. I could just buy a new one! So then I asked about the replacement batteries. they are $20 and I knew I could get the charger online through Amazon for $15 shipped...just didn't want to risk the shipping time. Earliest it will get here is the 21st and possibly take till the 26th. Baby could be here by then and I doubt hospital will let us re-play the birth to catch it on film. So i thought well maybe if the replacement battery is charged then I could just get that now and then order the one online to have for later cause I'll need the charger eventually anyways. It's cheaper overall and I'm getting things I can use. Asked the girl if the batteries come charged. Her first response "ya, 1/2 charged". Ok....well GREAT! I made the comment well thats better than nothing. Then she says "Well, not always. Sometimes they aren't charged at all." Ok, so why did you just say they come 1/2 charged??? At that point my preggo hormone just said screw it. The girl was trying to make me think I HAD no other option but to buy that stupid charger kid. So I left and went back across the street to Target who I knew had the replacement batter for actually $1 cheaper. got to the car, loaded up the new batter and guess what....fully charged!!! HAHAHAHA. What a joke. So now I've ordered the charger from Amazon to have for later. In the mean time at least I can use the camera if baby E decides to get here before the charger does and we'll have some pic's of the moment. Sigh.......such an ordeal!

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Sweetrld said...

crazy stuff but you need those pictures! :)

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