Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nothing Yet

Jenn seems convinced that E will be here this weekend. Thsi morning I probably would have agreed with her. Went to Walmart for a big shopping trip. Basically I have no need to go to the store any time soon unless it's for milk. Even then it's simple enough X could take care of it. While there I was getting what I would think were the braxton hicks contractions but these were stronger. My back was seriously aching and while in check out one hit so hard it made my left leg seize up right down to my toes. It almost felt like I was getting a Charley Horse in my leg but it felt more like a nerve issue than the muscle. Probably the wierdest thing I've had so far.

In the mean time we're just relaxing at home. I think I might take a hot shower in an attempt to relieve some of this back pain. I got an exercise/yoga ball too which is awesome for the pain but I've heard can actually help with progressing baby too. Still kind of on the fence on if I want him here just yet so I haven't used it much. We'll see though.

In the mean time I'll update here as soon as anything happens!

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