Wednesday, August 20, 2008

37 Weeks 3 Days

Had our next check up today and had some minor changes. Now 3-4cm dialated and 50% effaced. Baby is coming down but not fully engaged yet. My blood pressure was up slightly (122/84) so we need to watch that. I left with instructions to watch for signs of Pre-Eclampsia and to call immediately if his kick counts go down. I was also given an instruction card for signs of labor which is really a joke. Ya....I'll watch for contractions....if I had any idea what so ever what the real ones feel like! All I get are these blasted Braxton Hicks ones which are just annoying at best.

I talked with the doctor about inducing. Not that I fully support inducing for convenience reasons but I have my concerns that things are just going to get a little too crazy around here. According to the doc hospital policy does not allow elective inductions for a patient less than 39 weeks unless it's for medical reasons. Elective inductions can be scheduled no more than a week in advance and can not be scheduled on a weekend. I hit 39 weeks on Sunday the 31st. Monday is a holiday so thats out and then Tuesday is J's 1st day of school. What I wanted to avoid all along was her missing school b/c of E being brought into the world that day or very close to it. And since I'm required to be in the hospital a minimum of 48hrs after he's born that means she'll miss at least 2 days. It might not seem like much but I hate the idea of her missing even one day at the very beginning of kindergarten. So then I'm stuck with the dilema if he goes tha tlong do we just wait till that Friday? that way she just misses one day? And then what about work? Do I sit at home all day going crazy waiting or just work those last 3 days cause I can an dmake a little extra money. Blah!

I say baby just needs to come on his own by next weekend. Any ideas??? Besides walking, sex, spicy foods, bounding on the yoga ball, etc. I'm not opposed to anything unless it's castor oil. I don't think I can do that to myself!

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Christen said...

Definitely don't try castor oil. My mom gave me that shit (almost a whole bottle) and then we walked around a few blocks in the neighborhood - and the only thing that happened is that I ended up on the toilet for THE REST of the NIGHT!! And it was miserable!!! Otherwise I think I tried everything with Seth and I told you about my induction - one week over due... it sucked. We're gonna keep our fingers crossed that you go into labor soon!

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