Thursday, August 14, 2008

Survey...cause I'm Bored

About the mommy.
Name: C
Age: 28
Is this the first child?: No

About the daddy.
Name: X
Age: 28
Is this the first child?: Yes

Finding out.
What day did you find out you were pregnant?: December 26th
How did you feel when you found out?: Shocked
Who was with you?: J...she kept asking what the test was for
How did the daddy react?: He didnt' believe me at first. I had to show him pic's of the tests
Telling the grandparents.
How did you parents react?: My mom thought it was a joke...seriously how can i fake a positive test? My dad was surprised but supportive
How did his parents react?: They wouldn't know I'm sure
How often do they call to check on you?: My mom would call every day now if her phone worked
When is your due date?: Sept 7th
How far along are you right now?: 36 weeks and 4 days
Have you had an ultra sound?: yes, 3 of them
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Everytime I go in for a doc appt.

Sex of the baby:
What do you want. Boy or Girl?: I was hoping for a boy
Do you know what you are having now?: It's definitely a boy
Are you happy with what you are having?: Yes

About the birth.
Who is going to be with you?: Just X
Are you going to video tape it?: Nope. Hospital won't allow it even if I was inclined to
Natural or medicated?: Medicated...bring on the drugs!.
Do you think you will have a c-section?: I truely hope I do not.
Do you think you will cry when you first hold your baby?: I'm sure. Hopefully won't be like J though. I cried so hard the nurse asked me 3 times to let her go!
Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold it?: Hadn't even really thought of that.
Are you scared about the labor?: Not scared but definitely nervous

Do you have a name picked out?: yes
Is your baby going to be named after anyone?: yes, his middle name comes from his dad
Did the daddy help pick the name?: The middle name he picked

Other random questions.
Where was your baby concieved?: Truthfully it was either the living room floor or the bathroom I didn't really want to know that did you?
Have you felt the baby move?: At this stage I sure hope thats teh baby and not somethign else
What was your first symptom?: The boobs hurt like heck
Will he/she have godparents?: I've never declared God parents
Who will be the god mommy?: N/A
Who will be the god daddy?: N/A
What is the babys room theme?: not really a theme but there are bears up that X keeps telling me I can't take down.
Are you ready to be a mommy?: I'm already a mommy...being a mommy to 2 though...well we'll see.

What do you think the baby will be a "daddys girl/boy" or a "mommys girl/boy"?: I have no idea...I hope he'll be equally ours! LOL

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