Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Love my Ticker

The one at teh top of my page that says..."We all know that Mommy is trying to think of ways to get me out...She might even try S-E-X!" Haha...what a joke. Although seriously it's temping, by the time I get to bed these days I'm passed out. When your being woken up 5 times in a night having to pee or get more Tums for the horrible heartburn you pretty much cherish every bit of sleep you can get. And naps?? Ya I take those when I can get them. Even if it means dozing in the waiting room of the doctors office (I'm sure they all understand) or being startled awake by the phone ringing at the office. Shhh...don't tell the boss!

On a side note when it comes to those comments on the least google has gotten nicer with theirs!
"At this point, your baby is nearly six pounds in weight and just under 19 inches long, which means they have very little free space to wiggle about, although they're still plenty mobile as you're all too aware. Aside from waiting for your baby to start rotating into position, we're not even going to take the time to talk about your symptoms this week as they're all pretty much the same."
Although you gotta admit it's sorta funny that they flat out tell you....look your symptoms are the same, nothing changed, we're not even going to bother with saying them again!

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