Monday, August 11, 2008


So last night I managed to get a TON done. And it really was through a giant spurt of energy. course we moved like a week ago so obviously not every little thing is unpacked. really it was our bedroom. I had been procrastinating on putting clothes away b/c it's the one thing I despise. seriously, we go through so much trouble to fold and put away things neatly or hang them up, only to take it right back out the next day. wait you don't do that?? maybe it's just me and the fact I have 2 pants and like 3 shirts I can wear now. Very limited selection. Anyways, needless to say there were boxes/bags piled in our room. X didn't seem to worried about it but then we can always close our door to hide it. then last night I was getting J into the shower and was straightening up a bit. I had done laundry earlier in the day to include washing some of E's clothes. Once I got started i couldn't stop!! After J got done and then to bed I literally tackled our room. And when I say tackled...yes I mean literally. I was breathing hard and sweating by the time I was done. Where once before you could barely walk we can see carpet. heck i could probably vacuum now with out worries of something getting sucked up that shouldn't. clothes are hung and organized in the closet. Clothes stacked in neat piles on the long table...our make shift "dresser" for the time. I even got the huge sack of towels/sheets folded and put away in the hall closet. And if that weren't enough...I started tossing things in the bag I plan to take to the hospital and THEN installed the babies seat in my car. man was that wierd this morning seeing two carseats back there. Thankfully it fits really well. Much better than J's ever did when she was an infant. That thing was so huge it could go only in the middle and then it was with the seats moved pretty far forward. At least with this one we can sit comfortably up front still.

So what does all this cleaning mean? Most say it's nesting. Something a preggo will do before baby is born. Like an internal alarm that "Hey...I'm coming!! Get ready! NOW!" It usually involves scrubbing every single thing in site although for me...out of site does just fine. Thank god for closets! What exactly brings it on?? Nobody really knows I'm sure. Course for me, it was probably noticing a bit of spotting last night, usually indicated that all that glop that has sealed up the cervix for the last 9 months is starting to lose it's hold. A sign that stuff is a happening down there. Ya, that might kick someones butt in gear!

Needless to say we are entirely ready for baby to make his appearance. material wise. Emotionally....probably getting very close. Physically...I know I'm way past ready. I'm at that point where it hurts even to cough cause it causes him to put down on my cervix. And could be an olympic event getting up for the bathroom at night since as I sit up he pushes down on my bladder and I'm fighting not to wet myself. Hmmm...I wonder how X would react?? Ok, ok...that would be mean. Although I have been tempted to do the water trick in the kitchen just to have a little fun. Course, then when it really happened he wouldn't believe me I'm sure!

We'll find out for sure in a few hours though if anything is really progressing. I almost dread the start of these appointments where the doc gets to, joyfully I'm sure, shove their hand where under any other circumstances would be grounds for a law suit. Ok, in today's society i could so see something doing that too! The law suit I mean. I dread these appointments b/c there is only one thing they can say that would make a preggo happy about it. Thats "it's time to have a baby....the head is practically falling out!". Anything short of that leads to utter disappointment or spending the next week on pins and needles. Who ever told a doc it was ok to tell a woman she wouldn't make it to her next appointment or baby is coming any time should be shot. B/c you can be sure when that baby doesn't arrive and the appointment does...there's going to be one ticked off preggo in that office demanding to know why baby hasn't arrived and just what exactly are they going to do about it.

What could be even worse than predicting that baby will be here soon?? Telling that same preggo that all is closed up tight and she isn't even showing signs of labor like dialating or effacing and such. The preggos' response?? Well then make it start! LOL Sorry but it's true. I've read many a blog/post of women leaving the doctors office in tears b/c their body hadn't started progressing yet. And by the time you hit 36/37 weeks your just DONE. Unless you have been there before you could not truely understand. It's the point where we become completely irrational. Yes, being pregnant is really 40 weeks. But doc says they are full term and ready at 37 so why go an extra 3 weeks?? I can't judge...I'm there now. Especially since J was a 37 weeker and was completely healthy. I don't even bother looking at the ticker anymore. Besides, counting down in days sounds so much better than weeks. 4 weeks is an eternity....27 days (really no more than 23 for me) sounds way more manageable. course, you may need to remind me of that in about 20 days when I'm griping and groaning "Why hasn't he come yet!!"

Ok, I'll stop now....

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Anonymous said...

Boy do I know how you feel, lol. At first, it was all about keeping the little booger in there to be on the safe side... but now that I'm in the clear of most complications, I'm just praying that he'll go ahead and slip on out.

It's agony to be at 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced with the baby's head at 0, and nothing more is happening. All these false labor pains make me want to kill someone, knowing that they're not doing crap but making me ache worse than I should. I wish there was an easy at-home fix for breaking your own water, lol. I can't think of anything short of going at it with a crochet hook, lol.

Oh, and as for nesting- yeah, the fridge totally got it yesterday. I pulled every little thing out and deep cleaned and scrubbed that biotch. All I can say is, the lady that lived here before us should be beaten within an inch of her life for the way she left that thing.

I'm just glad we finally have the nursery finished. It makes me so much more at ease knowing I don't have to worry about rushing to get that done if the baby makes his appearance any time soon.

You and I should go jogging together, lol.

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